Detox Day 4.5

We’re going camping!

I knew this trip was coming when I planned to start the detox, but I didn’t realize how attached to my computer I would be through this blog process. I am feeling confident about the meals. They may be boring to watch, but I want to be real about doing this detox and if you wait for the perfect time to do it, you will never do it.

To be fair, this camping trip will be like the ritz carlton of tent camping. My parents are camping nearby with their trailer. Equipped with full kitchen. We have power at our site and I am bringing my bullet with me. I can also stash my chicken breast and greens in their fridge instead of sloshy cooler. With that said… don’t judge my camping, just read along to see my detox news. This is a very modified camping trip.

If I get wi-fi (which I doubt) I may post while I am there. Otherwise, this will be a camera and notebook gig until I return.


Detox Day 4

Waking went well. Showered and got ready. I noticed today that my skin looks better. I also realized that I lost weight when I did my weekly weigh. I am not aiming for that so much, but I was on the higher end of my setpoint before starting.

7:00 am – I made my shake with fresh blueberries and frozen banana. I added some cinnamon and nutmeg because these were in the recommended breakfast recipe and I like to add spices and herbs to recipes. They add extra nutritive function to foods.

This morning I also whipped up the chia pudding since I decided to watch a movie with my teenager last night instead of prep my food for the next day.

Here’s my quick trick for that one:

Put all the ingredients except the raisins in a magic bullet type blender. Blend. You will still see some whole chia seeds, but you want the majority of them ground up.

12:20 pm – Lunch

The book says quinoa stuffed peppers. Ok… traditionally stuffed peppers are meat, tomatoes, and quinoa or rice stuffed inside peppers. When I make them I cheat and chop my peppers into the mixture. Or I boil my peppers first and cook my filling so they only need to crisp up in the oven. With this detox I am decreasing nightshades because I pesonaly notice inflammation when I eat them. Tomatoes and peppers are nightshades, so here is what I did instead. I had a leftover organic hamburger from the kids dinner last night. I heaped my power greens on a plate with the cold burger and microwaved for 1 minute. This wilted my greens and warmed my burger.


I had to add my mushrooms and garlic, so I sauteed those in EVOO.

I heaped a scoop of quinoa on the now chopped burger and greens. I poured the carmalized mushrooms over top, and Wahla! Yummy in my tummy.

Quick Quinoa secret:

Bring quinoa and water to a boil. Shut it off. I follow the water/quinoa ratio on the package then add 1 extra cup water. It would probably takes 20 minutes to finish, but it usually takes me 30 or 40 before I look at it again. 

I use this trick for steel cut oats, rice, and quinoa. I will boil it first thing in the morning (when I used to make coffee) and then I leave it. When I’m dressed, ready to eat breakfast or ready to head out the door, it’s done. I put it in the fridge for dinner or in a jar for the road if it’s oats.

5:30pm – dinner

I didn’t do Lemon Chicken Kabobs with Tomato-Parsley Salad, although I wish I did because it sounds delicious!! I did a quinoa pilaf with chicken in it. I sauteed those mushrooms (will they ever end??) with my garlic (I hate vampires. LOL) and a cranberry reduction… ok, who am I kidding. I’m not fancy like that. I basically simmered the chicken, garlic and mushrooms in the 100% organic unsweetened cranberry juice and some olive oil. I added a little sea salt too.

I wilted some power greens in the mixture once it was cooked. I do this by turning the burner off and piling power greens into the pan until the lid almost doesn’t fit. When they shrank down I added some of the leftover quinoa and stirred it together. It looked prettier than this, but I forgot to take the picture until I was about to clean up. This ended up being a meal for two (days).

7:30pm – late shake. 2 scoops of powder, 2 Tbsp Almond Butter, 1/2 a fresh banana (not frozen), and 8 oz coconut milk. It was tasty, but would have been better if it were colder. I should have used frozen banana. I took my 4 capsules (2 Alpha Base, 2 Phyto Core) and I am feeling full.

Mood: 4
Exercise: 2
Energy: 4
Poop: First thing in the morning. 4.5

Weekly Weight: down 10 lbs since Detox Day minus 3

Detox Day 3

My son had to be at a swim meet at 6am. That means everyone else had to be dressed and ready to go at 5:30am, so Mama got up at 4:30am. This was suprisingly not difficult. I felt refreshed… no more aches at all. I didn’t crave coffee and my headache was almost non-existent. I didn’t make my smoothie until after I showered and dressed. 

Breakfast smoothie was delightful! The sandy shake mix was much better with company. I really enjoyed breakast. I love this detox. I feel great! I could do this everyday! Off to chase around after lost goggles and missing towels… get the kid to the swim meet and set up the tent for the other 3 to camp while we waited for Kaden’s 39:43 seconds of fame.

11:30 am – I’m calling this lunchtime! The menu says Grilled Chicken Breast with Sweet Peaches… My kids ate all the fresh peaches I bought (and good thing… they were super ripe!) so It became grilled chicken and whatever else was going to spoil soon (I did my shopping too early). The cabbage/kale salad mix with plenty of sunflower seeds, but minimal cranberries (I picked them out). In my pan I put my individually frozen chicken breast thawed in the micro, then split and sliced along with 3 baby bella mushrooms (mushrooms are so good for you!), extra virgin olive oil, minced garlic, and chile lime seasoning from Trader Joes. Don’t worry about following my recipe or the book, look at the suggestion, then check the include and avoid lists on p. 16 & 17 to add more flavor and variety. Wahla!

No surprise, my appetite was bigger than my stomach. Here’s what I didn’t finish… in case you are using my portions as a guide.

I’m a little behind on water… I plan to wait about 30 minutes before really pounding the H2O because my stomach acids have been known to be sluggish and the water with food can give me an upset stomach.


5:00 pm – Dinner is a lot like lunch. I looked at the sample meal plan and it was Strawberry Avocado Spinach Salad and Lentils. I need to get through this cabbage and kale salad, I have avocado, I have fresh blueberries that need to be eaten, I have a can of BPA free organic northern white beans. I drizzled Extra Virgin Olive Oil on it and instead of vinegar I decided to use a splash of unsweetened 100% organic cranberry juice (remember that UTI I told you about). I thought it would be good to keep vinegar and fermented things low during the detox as I have had issues with Candida in the past. It was a nice tart flavor to compliment the rest of the salad.

What’s that you see… a fancy water? Yes. Funny thing is, as soon as I took the picture the kids all started fighting about wanting their own water (whih the rarely finish) and I put it on the counter never to be seen again until dish duty… and at that point it didn’t seem fancy or fun anymore. Maybe tomorrow I will splurge and drink fancy water!

Mood: 2… I was a mom monster. Not sure why.
Exercise: 3… light walk/jog with stroller and kids on bikes (2.5 miles) and mowed the lawn
Energy: 4.5 going strong all day long
Poop: 4 but unimpressive

Detox Day 2

I woke up early for the first time in a long time. I was able to sit up in bed and do my reading that I always want to do. It was a great start. A few minutes into my reading I felt very nauseous. I know this is a part of the detox as well. I would not have been surprised (and still might end up having the experience) if I threw up as my body was trying to purge long standing toxins and stress.

7:00 am – No picture of breakfast shake because I hardly got it mixed before flying out the door to drive kids to lessons and practices. I love this mini mixer!! I poured my 8oz of unsweetened coconut milk into a measuring cup, plopped 2 scoops of powder in, mixed and poured into one of the kids to-go cups so I could keep my other one for my daily water.

12:00 pm – I had a playdate at the pool with picnic lunch with friends. This would have been an easy deal breaker in starting the detox, because I could not eat, but I kept sipping my water and surprisingly nobody even noticed or mentioned the fact that I wasn’t eating.

5:00 pm Dinner – I get the family their dinner and sit down with a glass of water when I realize… I can have my shake now! I mix the sand into the coconut milk and enjoy swallowing 2 solid capsules. Yummy!

7:00 pm – I’m hungry. That shake didn’t last long enough. I realize… bedtime is going to be tough for this little lady. I’m off to Trader Joe’s for the few last things I forgot in the original shopping trip. I also grab some protein power muffins for the kids breakfast tomorrow. Afterall, they are not fasting and they will love it. Oh, and some cookie dough and coffee cake in case the muffins are gross. 

9:30 pm – I think I have the flu. I ache everywhere. I need to abort this fast. This detox is killing me. I’m out. I had to put socks and tennis shoes on to stand at the sink and do dishes. My head is still the same dull headache, but I am really tired of it. I am certain a latte and just about any food I see (a cracker, a blueberry, rice cakes, spaghetti, dried up ketchup and half-chewed broccoli) will make me feel better instantly. I am fighting hard against the urge to lick the dinner dishes instead of put them in the dishwasher (mind you it is 9:30 and dinner ended at 5:30).

10:30 pm – Dishes finally done and I didn’t lick one! I am dreaming of what I am going to put in my breakfast shake. I have everything I need for the mixed berry smoothie, I think I’ll try that. Hey, thinking of breakfast and day 3… does it start at 12:01 am? That’s not too far away to stay awake for. Ok. I’m kidding. I’m going to bed. And by the way, you (hundreds of followers) are the only people I complained to all day. I toughed it out with a smile and feel super strong for not crying like a baby when I wanted to.

Mood: 4 happy to the innocent bystander
Exercise: none
Energy: 3
Poop: none

Detox Day 1

I had the breakfast shake and 2 supplements. I felt good. Then the headache set in from no coffee.

By midday I was pretty darn hungry. The headache was a little stronger, but I knew that the struggle through the days normal activities and pushing through the headache would strengthen my resolve. I thought about having my second shake around 3pm, but knowing that I do not sleep well when I am very hungry, I decided to wait until dinner time (7pm this night) and I was in bed by 9:30pm. If I could do it differently, I would have had dinner around 5 or 6.

Fasting has a lot of benefits. The stomach acids churn preparing for food, and this can be an improvement to the sluggish stomach acids that lead to reflux, poor digestion and leaky gut. The stomach shrinks a little and the mind reconnects with satiety. The elimination of sugar, caffeine and other non-nutritive ingredients gives the body a rest. The intestines appreciate the rest too if they are irritated by undigested foods or inflammatory contributors. Fasting for 24-48 hours can be beneficial, while longer fasting can be detrimental if not done properly, so it’s true, you can get too much of a good thing. Remember to stay hydrated with plenty of cleansing water! Flush, flush, flush.

I also had some strange aches in my joints and muscles. I know this is part of the detox process. You can expect some unusual symptoms as well… more gas, aches and pains, headaches, or nothing at all.

I knew I needed to drink a lot more water. This helped when I felt like grabbing a coffee cup to drink some liquid energy. I actually put the water in a coffee mug and when I was on the go, I used my favorite to-go mug. Maybe this was a little mental illusion. Funny thing is, I fill this pitcher in the morning to be sure I tried for 10 cups of water a day. Half way through the day I was in shock and awe that I had almost finished the water. Just then, my teenage son walked in and poured a huge glass of water. At first I wanted to say “Hey, that’s my water!” but then I realized… my son just chose water! This is one of my nutrition tricks. Clear glass containers, eye level or on easily within reach promotes intake… whether that is a candy dish or a relish tray. So use it for good! I guess I will find another way to encourage the water. Just taking away the coffee has helped me pick up the water more frequently.

A note on fasting: It is cleansing for the soul too. I once knew a man who would get headaches, bad headaches, migraines. And when he got the migraines he was useless. He needed to go home, close the blinds and lay down because the pain was so debilitating.  One day he realized as a headache started to come on lightly that the worst part of these migraines was the dread he felt before he even got the migraine. He analyzed this process and realized the pain doesn’t actually take away his abilities, it doesn’t cripple his hands or paralyze his legs. It only makes doing things severely uncomfortable. He realized that eliminating the feelings of dread helped him put the migraine in perspective. He didn’t need to be slave to the headache, he needed to figure out how to work through it. The first time he tried this, the headache was still intense, but manageable. With more practice he was able to almost eliminate the progression of a bad headache into a migraine. I’m not saying everyone with migraines can think themselves out of having them. I tell this story because many things that stop our motivation are not actually inhibitors, but just perceived that way. See if you can push through something that would usually stop you. Overcoming your temptations, or overcoming your inclination to self-pity can really free and empower you. And if you so believe, ask God to accept your sufferings and change them to blessings. The accomplishment of fasting is blessing in itself – think of how much stronger you feel knowing that you could survive on some sand and grubs for a couple days if stranded in a desolate area.

Detox Day Minus 1

Flipping through the booklet I realized a few things I will probably change. First of all, I looked at recipes and noted which ones need to be prepared the night before. I made a note on the daily menu. I’m sorry I didn’t have chia seeds in my recipe pictures. I have a large bag from Costco which I was already using regularly. I should get sales bonuses for Chia seeds. I am totally drinking the kool-aid on those. I realized some of the recipes need to be prepared the day before.

Here they are:

  1. Cinnamon Raisin Delight (day 4)
  2. Creamy Chocolate Pudding (day 5, breakfast day 6)
  3. Tropical Mango Chia Pudding (day 6)

Which brings me to the next thing I realized. These delicious recipes are usually 2-4 servings. I am doing this detox alone, so I will make the Cinnamon Raisin Delight on Day 3 in the evening and put the two servings away for Day 4 and Day 5. Then I will make the Creamy Chocolate Pudding on the evening of Day 5 and have that for Day 6 and day 7.

As mentioned above, recipes are often for 2-4 servings, even the morning smoothies are 2 servings. So… important thing to realize:

  • 2 shakes per day (1 in the morning and 1 in the evening)
  • 2 scoops per shake

After Day 2, add lunch, dinner and an optional snack. It’s that’ simple.

Personally, I do not need a ton of variety, so instead of drinking the plain powder in coconut milk shake while eating a chia seed pudding, I will always do a breakfast smoothie with my 2 scoops. I find it better consistency sticking to the pan and better shake consistency and flavor.

As I am sure you noticed from my grocery list, I plan to modify recipes and the meal plan. This can be scary for people who think the whole plan down to the blueberry is calculated to detox in a certain way. The shakes and supplements are specific, and the timing is pretty important. For the foods however… use your Avoid and Include lists on pages 16 & 17. You can be creative or even boring as long as you are avoiding gluten, dairy, and the “avoid foods.” I have a few quick options on hand, like the individual frozen organic chicken breasts and the quinoa bowls. I chose lentil pastas instead of spaghetti squash. Squash is an excellent source of vitamins and minerals which can aid in detox, but I am not certain I will take the time to steam bake it on these hot summer days.


Detox Day Minus 2

Today I did my grocery shopping. I went to Costco for most stuff. I have a nice combination of foods ranging from easy prep to extended prep, single serving, family size (to be parred down), mostly organic, except the avocado. I spent right around $200 for everything which I think is pretty good considering this will be my food for at least 14 days. I may have to purchase a few more things along the way, but I do not foresee it being anything too substantial.

When you do your shopping, I suggest taking the Avoid and Include lists from pages 16 & 17 with you, and the sample meal plan. I have a grocery list below, but I also have things on hand that I was counting on incorporating.

Going back to this post after day 2, I realized that shopping four days before eating food on the plan may have been too early for things like kale and cabbage salad mix. It did not keep great.

Here’s a tip on berries though! They come in a container that allows a lot of air to circulate because of the gases used in the shipping trucks to help them ripen. When you get your berries home, transfer them to an airtight container. I prefer glass. And put them in the fridge unwashed. They will keep for a week or longer like this. For avocados, they ripen on the counter and keep in the fridge, peaches and pears should be kept room temperature. If you refrigerate, they will spoil out of the fridge. If you plan to eat them right from the fridge, you can keep them chillin’ in the crisper.

Grocery List


  • Antioxidant Blend Frozen Berries $10
  • Organic Frozen Cherries $10
  • Organic Frozen Chicken Breast $19
  • Power Greens $6
  • Kale Salad $6
  • Avocados $7
  • Almond buter $8
  • Lentil Elbow pasta $10
  • Frozen individually wrapped wild sockeye slamon $29
  • Organic frozen broccoli $7
  • Organic Roasted Seaweed $9
  • Quinoa veggie bowls $15
  • Fresh spinach $5
  • Organic Unsweetened Coconut milk $9

Trader Joe’s

  • Organic Red Lentil Pasta $3
  • Organic Black Bean Rotini $3
  • Rice Cakes (brown rice) $3

Items on hand to incorporate

  • Pre-sliced, frozen bananas
  • Organic BPA free Northern White Beans
  • Trader Joe’s chile lime spice

Detox Day Minus 3

So… I am going to get personal here. I went to the OBGYN thinking I was just getting the usual annual exam. I have no major complaints. I would describe myself as rather healthy. She asked the usual doctor question, “Is there anything you are having trouble with that you want to talk about?”And I thought… maybe my acne is hormonal so I brought it up. The conversation went from my acne and sudden underarm body odor, to my urine sample showing a possible UTI, and then we discussed my poor sleep, my difficulty waking up in the morning, and my cycle shifts that I know are related to poor hormone function.  I was amazed I didn’t see it myself. When I said it out loud, and my wonderful OBGYN said “It sounds like you are having trouble detoxing.” I realized I had a whole host of symptoms related to adrenal fatigue, and I could pin point my bad behaviors exacerbating the issues; excessive caffeine, late nights, unmanage stress, increased sugar intake and poor exercise consistency.

I came home and started researching what approach I wanted to take to get my health back on track. I decided to go with a company I really trust, Ortho Molecular and do the 14-day detox. This blog will take you through the process with me. I promise to share uncomfortable details that may help all of you with your process.  I will also share my failures and struggles so you will not feel alone if you go through similar issues. A detox is scary to consider and difficult to do. I placed my order yesterday and chose 2 business day shipping. It is Saturday, so I should see it by Wednesday at the latest.

While I wait for my magnificent box of health to arrive, I am going to do my grocery shopping and pep-talking and final caffeine and sugar binges. Okay, I know better than to binge, but I am surely not tapering my coffee or sugar like I should. I know I would be more successful and have less physical shock if I took these days to decrease intake slowly. I’ll think about it a little more.

Each post I will try to include what I call the MEEP score. This is something I will ask my clients to tell me about daily as well. MEEP stands for Mood, Exercise, Energy, and Poop. On top of that (the MEEP score, not the poop) I will ask for a weekly weight. If you do not want to share your weight I will ask you to give me a weight of Zero to start and then + or – weights as we go along. This only helps me if you need tweaking with your meal plan. It’s not about the weight, it’s about health.

Mood: Scale of 1 to 5, 1 being grouchy, grumpy, mean, hormonal like, mood swings, maybe tearful, HOT MESS and 5 being Halo is gleaming, life is better than the rose colored glasses, everything is great.

Exercise: You should not exercise for the first 3 days of the detox. After that, start light and work to your normal. If you are doing this program simultaneously with the Mutu system, be sure your first 2 days of detox are in the light days (first 2 weeks) of your Mutu program, or take it easy for a couple days and ease back into the set Mutu exercises. When you are exercising, 1 would be  I didn’t attempt my goal today, and 5 would be I reached my goal and added in additional enjoyable exercise for the fun of it.

Energy: 1 is I actually called in to work and I’m a stay at home mom. I couldn’t drag my butt from the bed this morning, or the couch this afternoon. 5 is… I think marathons are overrated (even though I have never run one).

Poop: 1 is… “that should not come out of a human” whether that be constipated rabbit terds or pond scum.  5 is at a regular time of day, easy to pass, formed, soft and normal poop brown.

Weekly Weight: As mentioned above this could be your weight, or your +/- from starting weight of 0.