Detox Day 1

I had the breakfast shake and 2 supplements. I felt good. Then the headache set in from no coffee.

By midday I was pretty darn hungry. The headache was a little stronger, but I knew that the struggle through the days normal activities and pushing through the headache would strengthen my resolve. I thought about having my second shake around 3pm, but knowing that I do not sleep well when I am very hungry, I decided to wait until dinner time (7pm this night) and I was in bed by 9:30pm. If I could do it differently, I would have had dinner around 5 or 6.

Fasting has a lot of benefits. The stomach acids churn preparing for food, and this can be an improvement to the sluggish stomach acids that lead to reflux, poor digestion and leaky gut. The stomach shrinks a little and the mind reconnects with satiety. The elimination of sugar, caffeine and other non-nutritive ingredients gives the body a rest. The intestines appreciate the rest too if they are irritated by undigested foods or inflammatory contributors. Fasting for 24-48 hours can be beneficial, while longer fasting can be detrimental if not done properly, so it’s true, you can get too much of a good thing. Remember to stay hydrated with plenty of cleansing water! Flush, flush, flush.

I also had some strange aches in my joints and muscles. I know this is part of the detox process. You can expect some unusual symptoms as well… more gas, aches and pains, headaches, or nothing at all.

I knew I needed to drink a lot more water. This helped when I felt like grabbing a coffee cup to drink some liquid energy. I actually put the water in a coffee mug and when I was on the go, I used my favorite to-go mug. Maybe this was a little mental illusion. Funny thing is, I fill this pitcher in the morning to be sure I tried for 10 cups of water a day. Half way through the day I was in shock and awe that I had almost finished the water. Just then, my teenage son walked in and poured a huge glass of water. At first I wanted to say “Hey, that’s my water!” but then I realized… my son just chose water! This is one of my nutrition tricks. Clear glass containers, eye level or on easily within reach promotes intake… whether that is a candy dish or a relish tray. So use it for good! I guess I will find another way to encourage the water. Just taking away the coffee has helped me pick up the water more frequently.

A note on fasting: It is cleansing for the soul too. I once knew a man who would get headaches, bad headaches, migraines. And when he got the migraines he was useless. He needed to go home, close the blinds and lay down because the pain was so debilitating.  One day he realized as a headache started to come on lightly that the worst part of these migraines was the dread he felt before he even got the migraine. He analyzed this process and realized the pain doesn’t actually take away his abilities, it doesn’t cripple his hands or paralyze his legs. It only makes doing things severely uncomfortable. He realized that eliminating the feelings of dread helped him put the migraine in perspective. He didn’t need to be slave to the headache, he needed to figure out how to work through it. The first time he tried this, the headache was still intense, but manageable. With more practice he was able to almost eliminate the progression of a bad headache into a migraine. I’m not saying everyone with migraines can think themselves out of having them. I tell this story because many things that stop our motivation are not actually inhibitors, but just perceived that way. See if you can push through something that would usually stop you. Overcoming your temptations, or overcoming your inclination to self-pity can really free and empower you. And if you so believe, ask God to accept your sufferings and change them to blessings. The accomplishment of fasting is blessing in itself – think of how much stronger you feel knowing that you could survive on some sand and grubs for a couple days if stranded in a desolate area.

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