Detox Day 2

I woke up early for the first time in a long time. I was able to sit up in bed and do my reading that I always want to do. It was a great start. A few minutes into my reading I felt very nauseous. I know this is a part of the detox as well. I would not have been surprised (and still might end up having the experience) if I threw up as my body was trying to purge long standing toxins and stress.

7:00 am – No picture of breakfast shake because I hardly got it mixed before flying out the door to drive kids to lessons and practices. I love this mini mixer!! I poured my 8oz of unsweetened coconut milk into a measuring cup, plopped 2 scoops of powder in, mixed and poured into one of the kids to-go cups so I could keep my other one for my daily water.

12:00 pm – I had a playdate at the pool with picnic lunch with friends. This would have been an easy deal breaker in starting the detox, because I could not eat, but I kept sipping my water and surprisingly nobody even noticed or mentioned the fact that I wasn’t eating.

5:00 pm Dinner – I get the family their dinner and sit down with a glass of water when I realize… I can have my shake now! I mix the sand into the coconut milk and enjoy swallowing 2 solid capsules. Yummy!

7:00 pm – I’m hungry. That shake didn’t last long enough. I realize… bedtime is going to be tough for this little lady. I’m off to Trader Joe’s for the few last things I forgot in the original shopping trip. I also grab some protein power muffins for the kids breakfast tomorrow. Afterall, they are not fasting and they will love it. Oh, and some cookie dough and coffee cake in case the muffins are gross. 

9:30 pm – I think I have the flu. I ache everywhere. I need to abort this fast. This detox is killing me. I’m out. I had to put socks and tennis shoes on to stand at the sink and do dishes. My head is still the same dull headache, but I am really tired of it. I am certain a latte and just about any food I see (a cracker, a blueberry, rice cakes, spaghetti, dried up ketchup and half-chewed broccoli) will make me feel better instantly. I am fighting hard against the urge to lick the dinner dishes instead of put them in the dishwasher (mind you it is 9:30 and dinner ended at 5:30).

10:30 pm – Dishes finally done and I didn’t lick one! I am dreaming of what I am going to put in my breakfast shake. I have everything I need for the mixed berry smoothie, I think I’ll try that. Hey, thinking of breakfast and day 3… does it start at 12:01 am? That’s not too far away to stay awake for. Ok. I’m kidding. I’m going to bed. And by the way, you (hundreds of followers) are the only people I complained to all day. I toughed it out with a smile and feel super strong for not crying like a baby when I wanted to.

Mood: 4 happy to the innocent bystander
Exercise: none
Energy: 3
Poop: none

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