Detox Day 3

My son had to be at a swim meet at 6am. That means everyone else had to be dressed and ready to go at 5:30am, so Mama got up at 4:30am. This was suprisingly not difficult. I felt refreshed… no more aches at all. I didn’t crave coffee and my headache was almost non-existent. I didn’t make my smoothie until after I showered and dressed. 

Breakfast smoothie was delightful! The sandy shake mix was much better with company. I really enjoyed breakast. I love this detox. I feel great! I could do this everyday! Off to chase around after lost goggles and missing towels… get the kid to the swim meet and set up the tent for the other 3 to camp while we waited for Kaden’s 39:43 seconds of fame.

11:30 am – I’m calling this lunchtime! The menu says Grilled Chicken Breast with Sweet Peaches… My kids ate all the fresh peaches I bought (and good thing… they were super ripe!) so It became grilled chicken and whatever else was going to spoil soon (I did my shopping too early). The cabbage/kale salad mix with plenty of sunflower seeds, but minimal cranberries (I picked them out). In my pan I put my individually frozen chicken breast thawed in the micro, then split and sliced along with 3 baby bella mushrooms (mushrooms are so good for you!), extra virgin olive oil, minced garlic, and chile lime seasoning from Trader Joes. Don’t worry about following my recipe or the book, look at the suggestion, then check the include and avoid lists on p. 16 & 17 to add more flavor and variety. Wahla!

No surprise, my appetite was bigger than my stomach. Here’s what I didn’t finish… in case you are using my portions as a guide.

I’m a little behind on water… I plan to wait about 30 minutes before really pounding the H2O because my stomach acids have been known to be sluggish and the water with food can give me an upset stomach.


5:00 pm – Dinner is a lot like lunch. I looked at the sample meal plan and it was Strawberry Avocado Spinach Salad and Lentils. I need to get through this cabbage and kale salad, I have avocado, I have fresh blueberries that need to be eaten, I have a can of BPA free organic northern white beans. I drizzled Extra Virgin Olive Oil on it and instead of vinegar I decided to use a splash of unsweetened 100% organic cranberry juice (remember that UTI I told you about). I thought it would be good to keep vinegar and fermented things low during the detox as I have had issues with Candida in the past. It was a nice tart flavor to compliment the rest of the salad.

What’s that you see… a fancy water? Yes. Funny thing is, as soon as I took the picture the kids all started fighting about wanting their own water (whih the rarely finish) and I put it on the counter never to be seen again until dish duty… and at that point it didn’t seem fancy or fun anymore. Maybe tomorrow I will splurge and drink fancy water!

Mood: 2… I was a mom monster. Not sure why.
Exercise: 3… light walk/jog with stroller and kids on bikes (2.5 miles) and mowed the lawn
Energy: 4.5 going strong all day long
Poop: 4 but unimpressive

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