Detox Day 4

Waking went well. Showered and got ready. I noticed today that my skin looks better. I also realized that I lost weight when I did my weekly weigh. I am not aiming for that so much, but I was on the higher end of my setpoint before starting.

7:00 am – I made my shake with fresh blueberries and frozen banana. I added some cinnamon and nutmeg because these were in the recommended breakfast recipe and I like to add spices and herbs to recipes. They add extra nutritive function to foods.

This morning I also whipped up the chia pudding since I decided to watch a movie with my teenager last night instead of prep my food for the next day.

Here’s my quick trick for that one:

Put all the ingredients except the raisins in a magic bullet type blender. Blend. You will still see some whole chia seeds, but you want the majority of them ground up.

12:20 pm – Lunch

The book says quinoa stuffed peppers. Ok… traditionally stuffed peppers are meat, tomatoes, and quinoa or rice stuffed inside peppers. When I make them I cheat and chop my peppers into the mixture. Or I boil my peppers first and cook my filling so they only need to crisp up in the oven. With this detox I am decreasing nightshades because I pesonaly notice inflammation when I eat them. Tomatoes and peppers are nightshades, so here is what I did instead. I had a leftover organic hamburger from the kids dinner last night. I heaped my power greens on a plate with the cold burger and microwaved for 1 minute. This wilted my greens and warmed my burger.


I had to add my mushrooms and garlic, so I sauteed those in EVOO.

I heaped a scoop of quinoa on the now chopped burger and greens. I poured the carmalized mushrooms over top, and Wahla! Yummy in my tummy.

Quick Quinoa secret:

Bring quinoa and water to a boil. Shut it off. I follow the water/quinoa ratio on the package then add 1 extra cup water. It would probably takes 20 minutes to finish, but it usually takes me 30 or 40 before I look at it again. 

I use this trick for steel cut oats, rice, and quinoa. I will boil it first thing in the morning (when I used to make coffee) and then I leave it. When I’m dressed, ready to eat breakfast or ready to head out the door, it’s done. I put it in the fridge for dinner or in a jar for the road if it’s oats.

5:30pm – dinner

I didn’t do Lemon Chicken Kabobs with Tomato-Parsley Salad, although I wish I did because it sounds delicious!! I did a quinoa pilaf with chicken in it. I sauteed those mushrooms (will they ever end??) with my garlic (I hate vampires. LOL) and a cranberry reduction… ok, who am I kidding. I’m not fancy like that. I basically simmered the chicken, garlic and mushrooms in the 100% organic unsweetened cranberry juice and some olive oil. I added a little sea salt too.

I wilted some power greens in the mixture once it was cooked. I do this by turning the burner off and piling power greens into the pan until the lid almost doesn’t fit. When they shrank down I added some of the leftover quinoa and stirred it together. It looked prettier than this, but I forgot to take the picture until I was about to clean up. This ended up being a meal for two (days).

7:30pm – late shake. 2 scoops of powder, 2 Tbsp Almond Butter, 1/2 a fresh banana (not frozen), and 8 oz coconut milk. It was tasty, but would have been better if it were colder. I should have used frozen banana. I took my 4 capsules (2 Alpha Base, 2 Phyto Core) and I am feeling full.

Mood: 4
Exercise: 2
Energy: 4
Poop: First thing in the morning. 4.5

Weekly Weight: down 10 lbs since Detox Day minus 3

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