Detox Day Minus 1

Flipping through the booklet I realized a few things I will probably change. First of all, I looked at recipes and noted which ones need to be prepared the night before. I made a note on the daily menu. I’m sorry I didn’t have chia seeds in my recipe pictures. I have a large bag from Costco which I was already using regularly. I should get sales bonuses for Chia seeds. I am totally drinking the kool-aid on those. I realized some of the recipes need to be prepared the day before.

Here they are:

  1. Cinnamon Raisin Delight (day 4)
  2. Creamy Chocolate Pudding (day 5, breakfast day 6)
  3. Tropical Mango Chia Pudding (day 6)

Which brings me to the next thing I realized. These delicious recipes are usually 2-4 servings. I am doing this detox alone, so I will make the Cinnamon Raisin Delight on Day 3 in the evening and put the two servings away for Day 4 and Day 5. Then I will make the Creamy Chocolate Pudding on the evening of Day 5 and have that for Day 6 and day 7.

As mentioned above, recipes are often for 2-4 servings, even the morning smoothies are 2 servings. So… important thing to realize:

  • 2 shakes per day (1 in the morning and 1 in the evening)
  • 2 scoops per shake

After Day 2, add lunch, dinner and an optional snack. It’s that’ simple.

Personally, I do not need a ton of variety, so instead of drinking the plain powder in coconut milk shake while eating a chia seed pudding, I will always do a breakfast smoothie with my 2 scoops. I find it better consistency sticking to the pan and better shake consistency and flavor.

As I am sure you noticed from my grocery list, I plan to modify recipes and the meal plan. This can be scary for people who think the whole plan down to the blueberry is calculated to detox in a certain way. The shakes and supplements are specific, and the timing is pretty important. For the foods however… use your Avoid and Include lists on pages 16 & 17. You can be creative or even boring as long as you are avoiding gluten, dairy, and the “avoid foods.” I have a few quick options on hand, like the individual frozen organic chicken breasts and the quinoa bowls. I chose lentil pastas instead of spaghetti squash. Squash is an excellent source of vitamins and minerals which can aid in detox, but I am not certain I will take the time to steam bake it on these hot summer days.


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