Detox Day Minus 3

So… I am going to get personal here. I went to the OBGYN thinking I was just getting the usual annual exam. I have no major complaints. I would describe myself as rather healthy. She asked the usual doctor question, “Is there anything you are having trouble with that you want to talk about?”And I thought… maybe my acne is hormonal so I brought it up. The conversation went from my acne and sudden underarm body odor, to my urine sample showing a possible UTI, and then we discussed my poor sleep, my difficulty waking up in the morning, and my cycle shifts that I know are related to poor hormone function.  I was amazed I didn’t see it myself. When I said it out loud, and my wonderful OBGYN said “It sounds like you are having trouble detoxing.” I realized I had a whole host of symptoms related to adrenal fatigue, and I could pin point my bad behaviors exacerbating the issues; excessive caffeine, late nights, unmanage stress, increased sugar intake and poor exercise consistency.

I came home and started researching what approach I wanted to take to get my health back on track. I decided to go with a company I really trust, Ortho Molecular and do the 14-day detox. This blog will take you through the process with me. I promise to share uncomfortable details that may help all of you with your process.  I will also share my failures and struggles so you will not feel alone if you go through similar issues. A detox is scary to consider and difficult to do. I placed my order yesterday and chose 2 business day shipping. It is Saturday, so I should see it by Wednesday at the latest.

While I wait for my magnificent box of health to arrive, I am going to do my grocery shopping and pep-talking and final caffeine and sugar binges. Okay, I know better than to binge, but I am surely not tapering my coffee or sugar like I should. I know I would be more successful and have less physical shock if I took these days to decrease intake slowly. I’ll think about it a little more.

Each post I will try to include what I call the MEEP score. This is something I will ask my clients to tell me about daily as well. MEEP stands for Mood, Exercise, Energy, and Poop. On top of that (the MEEP score, not the poop) I will ask for a weekly weight. If you do not want to share your weight I will ask you to give me a weight of Zero to start and then + or – weights as we go along. This only helps me if you need tweaking with your meal plan. It’s not about the weight, it’s about health.

Mood: Scale of 1 to 5, 1 being grouchy, grumpy, mean, hormonal like, mood swings, maybe tearful, HOT MESS and 5 being Halo is gleaming, life is better than the rose colored glasses, everything is great.

Exercise: You should not exercise for the first 3 days of the detox. After that, start light and work to your normal. If you are doing this program simultaneously with the Mutu system, be sure your first 2 days of detox are in the light days (first 2 weeks) of your Mutu program, or take it easy for a couple days and ease back into the set Mutu exercises. When you are exercising, 1 would be  I didn’t attempt my goal today, and 5 would be I reached my goal and added in additional enjoyable exercise for the fun of it.

Energy: 1 is I actually called in to work and I’m a stay at home mom. I couldn’t drag my butt from the bed this morning, or the couch this afternoon. 5 is… I think marathons are overrated (even though I have never run one).

Poop: 1 is… “that should not come out of a human” whether that be constipated rabbit terds or pond scum.  5 is at a regular time of day, easy to pass, formed, soft and normal poop brown.

Weekly Weight: As mentioned above this could be your weight, or your +/- from starting weight of 0.

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